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CEO and Family Man

  • President and co-owner of Internal Recovery Group
  • Lives in Philadelphia, office is in Orlando, FL
  • “The Family Man”, Married, Father of 4

Family man meets high-end repo man; 47 yrs. old Ken Cage is IRG’s president and co-owner. He has completed 1200 repossessions including: boats, airplanes, construction equipment, trucks, buses, RV’s and even racehorses.

His repossessions have exceeded $300,000,000 in 43 states, and IRG’s recovered assets return about $10 million annually to the banks. Needless to say, banks love Ken. “That’s money that can be loaned again,” says Cage, “so, in a way, I’m giving money back to the people”.

A dedicated family man and father of 4, minding safety and the law is a huge concern for Cage. “It ain’t like the old days, people cowboy-ing around, picking locks…Everything has to be done by the book.” That said, Cage has had his share of close calls. Unhappy debtors have tried to run him over with Cadillacs, chased him in boats, pointed guns at his stomach and swung shovels at his head.

Plus, being the boss of a large team comes with its share of stress. Along with his family, Ken has 5 employees, including his 18-year-old daughter, who depend upon him for a living. But in an increasingly competitive business, staying top dog isn’t easy. Since 2009, dozens of new high asset recovery companies have entered the game, and this keeps Ken looking over his shoulder. The good news is, out of all of them, only IRG handles boat and planes alike, and this keeps them out in front…at least for now.

When he’s not chasing down 12 million dollar Lear jets, Ken is a dedicated dad, and spends his days and nights coaching his kids in baseball, soccer and basketball.


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